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About Crystals

Crystals is an additional unit of E.B Industries. Crystals was started in 2011 with a intention to provide Quality product and services to shot blasting machine and shot peening machine users. Since its insception Crystals have earned a reputation in the industry as a High Quality supplier for shot blasting needs. Crystals has an advanced and fully automated foundry unit in Palghar, Maharashtra. Our Machining and other related jobs are manufactured at our factory in Goregaon, Mumbai. In its short term Crystals has been able to grab few Multi-national companies in it customer list and this is only achieved by our dedication towards quality of our product. Crystals is also into export of shot blasting machine and shot peening machine spares. We are also exporting spares to U.A.E, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Shot Blasting

The best list of industrial shot blasting equipment, from spare parts to manufacturers dealing with the sale of portable blasting accessories and shot blasting machines and conveyor.

Shot Blasting is a technique by which, Shot Blast Application performs the task as a cleaning and polishing system. Shot blasting is used mostly in almost all industries that use metals for aerospace, construction, automotive, foundry, rail and various other outlets inclusive of shipbuilding.

Our company, naturally a shot blasting machine dealer in Dharuhera covers shot blasting machine spare parts and Shot Blasting Machine Accessories, Reconditioning of Shot Blasting Machine, also with other shot blasting spares manufacturers solutions. What we believe in, is building a long-term bridge between our clients and relationship, by providing nothing lower than the best quality goods and industrial shot blasting equipment. This particular pathway of going for the best has helped maintain our client's requirements whether standard or customized by offering high-end solutions in terms of good quality and safety adherence. We even offer portable blasting equipment, Shot blasting screw conveyor, Almen Gauge. Our special offers with reconditioning of shot blasting machines, offer cost affordable modifications as per customized client servicing in Dharuhera. We offer exquisite time delivery, to make sure your goods are available at your own time's convenience.

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    • Our mission underlined as a shot blasting machine manufacturers is to provide the most excellent service, with a variety of shot blasting equipment for sale. shot blasting service, shot blasting companies in Dharuhera, like Crystal Group have successfully embarked on a journey beyond the horizon going from domestic, to an overseas becoming blasting machine manufacturers and exporter in short time frame using the latest blasting technologies and Shot blasting hook, shot blasting machine parts, and shot blasting supplies. Are markets have never been so approachable to the clients as a shot blasting machine manufacturers, until we reached international standards in our shot blasting machinery and Abrasive collecting Equipment and also a steady shot blasting machine supplier. The safety and security of our devices make sure that the shot blasting equipment and machine emit the highest value of a function. Rendering them durable and long lasting. Our metal inner surfaces ensure that we manufacture and supply wear-resistant components for shot blasting. We also make sure we have ample stock of shot blasting accessories and make us a large shot blasting machine spares manufacturers. This enables our clients to get spare parts for various Accessories for Shot Blasters. We supply quality steel fabricated shots and grits, for various users within the industrial shot blasting requirements in Dharuhera.

      Our sales and service branch are well equipped with handling bulk orders and are easily approachable. We also provide regular maintenance contract solutions and special upgrades to meet in Dharuhera the latest technology. With our long term within the shot blasting age, we have risen to be a huge contender in the hierarchy of shot blasting equipment and spare parts. With shot blasting spare parts available, on a variety of offers customers return happily to rely on us for custom and standard manufacture and supply.

      We also provide solutions for industrial shot blasting equipment and various blast cleanings and furnishing of equipment in Dharuhera. With our supplies, including air blasting and wet blasting. Our company also provides blast cabinets, pressure blast cabinets and portable blast machines. We have all types of shot blasting machine parts and are huge suppliers in the market scenarios. From providing full service blasting to debarring and other shot blasting equipment and shot blasting spare parts. You can keep your shot blasting equipment run longer, by purchasing shot blasting accessories as we are core dealer and shot blasting spare manufacturers. From steel grits to short blasting spare parts Crystal Group has everything you need for your shot blaster.

      All our blast machine accessories and equipment coincide with the latest technology knowing’s which are staff that manufactures and supplies with a well-versed in the subject matter. So as shot blasting equipment manufacturers our services are naturally long lasting and more beneficial for our clients.

      Crystals Group facilitates our highly regarded clientele that ranges in Dharuhera, India and Overseas. Due to our wide range of products, we are able to cater to all shot blasting requirements in Dharuhera and proudly portray ourselves as a huge shot blasting manufacturer and supplier.

      Crystals Group Why Me?

      With our onboard engineers and sales team ready to assist and guide from start to repair, your journey with Crystal Group will be a delightful Shot Basting Experience. Stay happy with our easy access to the requirement of spare parts, and AMC contracts that help recondition and repair Shot blasting machinery in Dharuhera.

Bare Wheel / Blast Wheel

Solutions for bare wheel suppliers and manufacturers dealing with unidirectional, Bi-directional wheels those are of exporters quality bare wheel dealers.

When it comes to having years of experience, we are well versed and quite known for our Blast Wheels Supplier unit. It is quite logical to pick us as a Bare Wheel manufacturer in Dharuhera from our well-known client lineups, simply because we provide the best in technology solutions for Blast Wheels Exporter whether it is Bi-directional Bare wheels, Unidirectional Bare wheels and also Uni-Directional Blast Wheels. The machine spare parts are known for our state of the art difference in design and make. These Bare wheels also come with the compliance and safety features. With specific custom design fabrication, we are now popular as a Blast Wheels Exporter and Blast Wheels Dealer. With easy payment options, you can now purchase your bare wheel at ease. At Crystal Group our customers can rely on quick time delivery for all shot blasting spare parts.

Crystal Groups are strong leading entrepreneur's and a state of the art Blast Wheels Manufacturer in the market. This is undertaken with the concept of the latest as a Blast Wheels Manufacturer. We offer features like reduced noise, user-friendly installation for Crystal Group Blast Wheels Manufacturer equipment in Dharuhera. Manufactured with a specific high quality of raw materials we are able to mold a higher quality product that is known to be versatile and easy to maintain. Our Bare wheel and Blast wheel products offer different design and uniqueness in size and dimension at affordable prices to our happy consumers. By delivering high stability and optimized performance.

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    • Features -

      Our Offers for Uni-directional & Bi-directional bare wheels and blast wheels are made with special steel they are well-designed products that are duly heat treated and balanced very dynamically. The Bi-directional wheel is well equipped to rotate either clockwise or counter-clockwise at its strongest potential.

      Crystal Group is truly a company that you can rely on with a wide range of bare wheel, shot blasting control cage, blades machine impellers and steel shot with an efficient time delivery in Dharuhera. These shot blasting and wheels for shot blasting whether bare or blast wheels come designed by professional engineers under the brand name of Crystal Group. Crystal Group outstands itself with the option of free customization for dimension and size as per company requirements.

      Our customization can depend on factors like the specific use requirements like forgings and automobile industries. We provide quality and make sure our prices are very friendly. Our shot blasting equipment and bare wheel parts are an impeccable gamut of bare wheel supplies in Dharuhera. Crystal Group believes n using supreme quality raw materials to make us stand apart from our competitors, it's what makes huge bare wheel exporters and suppliers. Our products are highly acknowledged for our significant attributes for long service, good resistant power and strong challengers against resistant and compressed strength.

      Our bare wheels offer lowered noise reduction and cool down quicker. After lots of testing and procedures, they then get the approval by us and the product or spare part gets sent to the client for approval.

      Features -

      Just simply get in touch with our sales unit and discover a variety of shot blasting gear and gadgets for you from equipment to bare and blast wheels in Dharuhera. We hold great experience in delivering bulk orders and maintaining time precision. Our designs are product effective, efficient, versatile and reduced overall maintenance cost and shelf life.

      Crystal Group offers a variety of bi-directional wheels and uni-directional wheels with the best deals in Dharuhera. Our products have been reliable and can be quickly set up for the next usage. Bare wheels can actually avert higher costing and help save the industry using them a lot. Order you set of spare of custom designed bare wheels for various uses. Crystal Group products are stronger and have an original design by influencing the latest technologies in the market and upgrading shot blasting and bare wheel equipment. Crystal group stands out in quality checks and AMC packages that can help maintain those blasting machines in Dharuhera.

Control Cage

The best deals for a Control cage is by far Crystal Group a control cage supplier and a control cage manufacturer in Dharuhera when it comes to wheel parts and dealers and exporters.

Control cage goes under many names, from cage housing top dispenser housing. A control cage has one basic function, which is to direct the exit from the blaster assembly that shoots out all abrasive material. It forms a crucial part when controlling the settings. If the settings are off by any chance, then it can rapidly destroy the performance of a cleaning wheel drastically. Additional failures could occur when it wears out any linear, this may prepone the wear of wheel housing which could indirectly increase cost and maintenance of the machine. You can consider us as a control cage exporter and a control cage supplier in Dharuhera with an international standard of service and control cage wheel parts.

Our control cage products like blades and impellers are manufactured in shell molds that are with alloy casting composition for extreme shelf life. Our Shot Blasting Control Cage portrays optimum quality and fitment at its best. As control cage suppliers our Control Cage Wheel Parts are used in the centrifugal shot blasting techniques. Our products versatility is the prime reason as a Control Cage manufacturer we rank a high demand in the market value in Dharuhera. All our control cage spare parts and components are checked and inspected thoroughly before being shifted to any clients; this makes us a highly reliable supplier with our clients. Maintaining our quality parameters. With years of record performance being endured by all our products, we have been a stable Control Cage dealer in Dharuhera. Our spare parts are well suited for many variants of shot blasting models in the industry.

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    • We also offer customized options with a variety of standard size and dimensions. With the added touch of opting from the best raw materials in the market to help bring out a premium product for our happy clients. With our quality standards being higher than the benchmark, we also focus on safety measures with a stringently tested safety checklist before the final product is given a green for packaging and shipping out to our clients.

      Features -

      The control cage is designed and made with a high chromium special alloy, by shell molding and gently heat treated, they get an engineering design and shape to provide a sophisticated uniformity in the distribution of all abrasives. This ensures that all equipment and shot blasting machines have a smooth operation and longer life. Obviously, one of the most important benefits being that it completes all cleaning goals. Crystal Group has the best range of control cage, shot blasting machine impellers and control cage wheel parts available in Dharuhera with an exclusive catalog of dimensions and designs which are all delivered as per clients needs within an effective and on time delivery experience.

      Crystal Group has spent a lot of years in the same trade and his well versed in the market as always the customers first pick, we can be considered as the icing on the cake with our first class safety and quality approved control cage. Available in clients size and thickness demands these products can perfect the right abrasive needed to be thrown through the shot blasting machine. Our experience with the clients from our previous supply and distribution is what makes us better in knowledge and experience. At Crystal Group we give you your money worth with prices that are affordable and fit the machines and spare parts value. These products are used widely in industrial applications.

      With Crystal Groups quality you can make sure that the steel shot reaches the parts to be cleaned so hence the efficiency of blasting that remains solely routed to the control cage function. Crystal Group makes sure that your shot blasting machine maintains its performance and no maintenance errands rise up due to shot blasting control cage performance. Pick Crystal Group for your best deals and requirements in Dharuhera. All Control cage spare parts are well inspected and tested so that we ensure the maximum performance in your needs.

Dust Collector

Amazing offers in Crystal Group for dust collector filter bags, dust collector manometer, dust collector accessories, since Crystal Group is a dust collector equipment manufacturer and also a dust collector system parts manufacturer in Dharuhera.

When it comes to dust collector bags manufacturer, we are dedicated to a qualitative range of Dust Collector manometer. This offered silencer is what crystal group as a Dust Collector System Parts manufacturer, produces from the highest grade of raw materials and the latest update in dust collector bags dealer technology. All our dust collector filter bags are tested on property at its original stage and we make sure we deliver in terms of standards for exporter quality performance. Owing to our performance when it comes to sturdiness and durability we as dust collector bags suppliers our highly remarked by our loyal clients. All our Dust Bag and Dust Collector Accessories are available at affordable prices in Dharuhera.

Crystal Group delivers our clients needs by playing a dust collector bags dealer that is a huge contender in the market value. Our bags are made of god quality and all dust collector filter bags are used widely in many industries in Dharuhera, because our equipment has proven efficient and very spacious for collecting dust particles. The Dust Collector Filter Bags are judged on a list of professional and Crystal Group parameters to make sure we provide our esteemed clients with flawlessness. Our clients have always picked us and recommended our products because we also provide all dust collector bags at market affordable prices as we stress on quality rather that high expenditure.

Our filter bags are used for an extensive range of performance requirement tool usages like shot blasting dust collectors, with our high-end quality raw material application in our products we remain an optimized dealer and our well Certified for the same. This is because we follow the simple rule of having everything of a good range quality from raw materials to final processing and manufacturing.

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    • Salient Features -

      Crystal Group as a dust collector equipment manufacturers manages and supplies a wide range of Dust Collector System Parts in Dharuhera. We make sure that the entire project is made with premium quality filters. These products are made in mild steel and stainless steel components. Our quality checks are not irregular, in fact, every product gets tested and all components are checked numerous time for different reasons from resistance to functionality. The dimensions and the sizes can also be standard or custom made as per the request from a customer. As a dust collector equipment manufacturer, we have enlisted our personal well-experienced staff to monitor and do an international quality standard check. With our list of configurations made as per your fulfillment. For areas that are more exposed to moisture or may vary for heat can be adjusted by our custom design and construction, to better it the type of purpose. We also provide dust collector bags that stand out amidst other manufacturers. Our dust collectors have been used in a variety of manufacturing companies in India and Overseas. Our dust collectors and equipment with accessories are known for its long lasting capabilities, pollution control, and excellent output. Besides being used in metallurgy, chemicals, and other fertilizer industries to name a few. Our filters have the ability to retain fine dust and release fresh air up in the atmosphere. In India, emission controls have to still mature however international standards need to meet requirements as per the laws in order to supply, which we have been successful in achieving all safety and standard procedures. Making sure we stay in compliance with company norms and requirements.

      Advantages -

      Application in Industries -

      Cement, Metallurgical, Steel, Power Plants, Cupola, Gypsum, Paints, Incinerators, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizers, Powder Coating, Shot Blasting, Wood Shaping, Food Processing, etc. Crystal Group is a big leader in Dust Bag And Dust Collector Accessories in Dharuhera and is going to be a long time contender due to the high level of respect we get from our clients for our experienced services.


We give the best impeller wheel parts and shot blasting machine impellers as you’re made to order requirements.

Impeller parts are very crucial for the fundamental use in any shot blasting machine. Shot blasting machine impellers satisfies, when it comes to metal materials and preprocessing, impeller raging, creating cleaning etc. Having a wheel impeller, actually strengthen the portion flow and improves efficiency. Impeller wheel parts also help rapidly reduce labor energy, by optimizing mechanics and technology to provide load resistance and erosion protection. Impeller minds include core components and shot blasting gear. Core components are normally responsible for incorporating impellers in the machine to increase the life span and avoid damage from abrasion. Unattended damaged impellers can cause a halt on production and increase damage funds, this is why we take precaution and install all quality approved raw minerals to make impellers and wheel parts. Out technology is always updated and with the help of skilled labor, we make sure our deliveries are regarded as international standard approved.

Impeller might be the critical part in impeller mind and it has high precision and stability. Hence, there's certainly large need on materials alternative, processing technologies and pay attention to therapy regime. The standard of impeller directory influences those of the entire impeller mind. Impeller obstacle mostly transpires throughout abrasion in utilization system. Uneven abrasion triggers impeller unbalance enlargement and therefore triggers radial and ending pulsation or vibration enhanced. Abrasion has a fantastic effect on impeller mind existence-time, seem and usage. So concentrate towards the following. To begin with, use a dial indicator to set up impeller radial and ending pulsation. Next, process peaceful and dynamic stability to manage the unbalance soon after impeller finishes approach.

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    • Advantages -

      What Is a Shot Blasting Machine Impellers?

      An Impeller is a component that rotates in a centrifugal pump which is usually made of a metallic or rubber-like material. This transfers energy from a motor that pumps the fluid by accelerated force to the center of rotation. This velocity achieved by the Shot Blasting Impellers gets converted into pressure. An impeller is usually a shot cylinder with an opening inlet also known as an eye. The impeller made out of casting material in some cases can be termed as rotors. If the product only requires a mixing unit, then only one impeller may be needed. Not every impeller can be fitted for different components, this is why crystal group offers customized and various standard sizes for Shot Blasting Machine Impellers and Impellers Wheel Parts in Dharuhera. Each impeller may be designed to best suit the client's requirement since a perfect fit provides the best efficiency and increase turbine speed relatively. Our Impellers are made of an executive breed special alloy that can either be shell mounted which is dull heat treated to give the best finishing characteristics. Crystal Group is known for carefully engineering the impeller parts to make sure a uniform amount of abrasive distributions thereby helping increase life span and achieve production benchmarks and targets.

      Benefits with Wheel Impeller

      Wheel Impeller benefit with an adjustable wear plate that offers more room space for non-compressible solids to pass. Pumps that are fitted with impeller parts are able to stand impacts from solids that help reduce the clogging factor from in-compressive solids. When it comes to open impellers for shot blasting pumps they can be used to drive out water and wastewater to industrial fluids and drilled muds. Backed up by our massive Industrial experience and understanding of how the market works we prioritize in a wide range of shot blasting machine impeller for our esteemed patrons.

      Cast steel is the best material of construction for open impellers because it provides excellent impact resistance when passing non-compressible solids, such as rocks. An open impeller, with a cutter vane, may not have large open passages like typical automatic self-priming pumps. However, for compressible solids, this type impeller can pull stringy solids through and pass them when other pumps may clog. Well within a stipulated time deadline we deliver all impeller parts and Wheel Impeller at leading market price value. Our products go well recognized in the automotive and metallurgy industries. Our customized options make it a high demand for impeller wheel parts in steel and chemical plants.

Liners Protection Plate

Crystal Group delivers high performance with liners protection plate, custom liner plate and wheel housing liners

We manufacture and design liner plate in a specialized alloy casting composition in Dharuhera. With our liners that get cured with a heat at 55-58 HRC. Our castings are also widely available in Manganese castings, this completely depends on the customer's preference. Our liners protection plate is available in shell and hand casting. A protected liner plate of steel corrugates to provide stiffness so they can be used for multi-purpose. Eg in shot blasting, tunneling, pit, shaft, etc.

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    • Material: Alloy Cast
      Hardness: 55-58 HRC

      Benefits of liner plate -

      Why Liner plate?

      When it comes to Crystal Groups Liner plate the most obvious advantage is the maximum support from the plate mechanism and structure. It increases the shelf life of shot blasting and tunneling equipment because our plates are thoroughly grouted to form a dependent base in cohesive and no cohesive grounds.

      Our state of the art wheel housing liners ground and fixture tested and approved to ensure a perfect fit with all shot blasting parts. Shot blasting wheels get mounted with a sealed housing. These inner walls of the wheel housing liner get subjected to a rough amount of abrasive wear caused by shot blasting operations. Crystal group manufactures exclusive wheel housing liner in Dharuhera, which are custom designed or available in standard sizes to protect housing walls. Our liner walls are special because of the fact that we use a high end quality raw material to create the perfect alloy for usage. This alloy has been implemented by us for years and has proven very successful in our clients operating functions, making us a popular liner plate manufacture.

      Crystal Group is exquisite in offering liners protection plate to our clients in Dharuhera. The plates are widely acclaimed within the business sector, for our high potential international standards and quality adherence. Our staff consists of skillful workers, with a tough experience who use professionalism in maintaining Crystal Groups high-grade plates. Our rates are very affordable with a true value for money considering quality and resistant characteristics. Our Products have many applications within a lot of industrial and chemical companies. From excavation to shot blasting to name just a few uses. Our liner plates are also used on conveyor belts offer designs that fall integral to an industrial requirement.

      Our Features -

      It's really very simple, Crystal Group offers long lasting wear components, A shot blasting machine that throws abrasive for cleaning of fishing uses a rotating impeller where the lining material needs to be lined with some quality plate liner, this is where we come in extending the life of the equipment used by our customers. The part that requires cleaning by the abrasive gets placed upon a mounted rotary table and gets rotated into the cleaning chamber around the table. To protect the table and the inner sides of the chamber get lined with the deadening material to protect the equipment from getting damaged.

      Good quality liner parts are the heart and soul to any shot blasting machinery that gives a longer life to the equipment and minimum shot blasting expenditure costs. Crystal Groups also offer spare parts for shot blasting equipment in Dharuhera so we are experts in the liner plate department. Our parts can be installed at ease in shot blasting and peening equipment and even offer replacements for periodical change. Our company provides the best high chrome anti-abrasive parts that can be incorporated in different types of machines. From wheel vanes, impeller case, guard plate, lining cage, etc. These product components are well heated and cured to give them a stronger exterior that stays undamaged from the abrasive impact. We ensure that you get to best in raw material implementation on all our finishing products and our affordable rates in Dharuhera, make sure you get what you require at the best market value. Our steady quality and on-time delivery of our products make sure you do not receive faulty products. All our products and spare parts are always designed ensuring the latest enhancement and technology gets fused in our final finishing parts.

Rubber Sheet

We are the best when it comes to shot blasting rubber sheet manufacturers with the perfect blend of wear resistant rubber sheets as per our customer's needs.

All our rubber sheets are quality assured and fabricated to perfection. Our shot blasting rubber sheets ensure a premium quality and high tensile stronghold. Exclusively used in shot blasting processing, our wear resistant rubber sheets are well recognized for is flexibility. These shot blasting machine rubber sheet can also be used in shot blasting cabinets, yard scrapers and even wear strips. Crystal Group offers a variety of size and thickness range that also establishes a custom design and cut option as per the requirements from the company in contract with. Our shot blasting rubber sheet is used where shot blasting is required.

Crystal Group has always stood out from other shot blasting rubber sheets manufacturers, because our products always use the best when it comes to our customers. We make sure that our shot blasting machine rubber sheet is made from the highest quality of rubber.

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    • Our products composed of the following core features -

      We are huge abrasive and shot blasting machine rubber sheet suppliers in the market. Our clients and you can avail our wear resistant rubber sheets for various industrial uses. Our abrasion resistant rubber sheets get widely used for sound shot blasting chute linings and curtains. By supplying a large range of rubber sheets that our robust help withstands excessive abrasion. Rubber sheets by Crystal Group are made from excellent quality of rubber material that makes them extremely durable. We take it one step further than our competitors, by proving reasonable and affordable rates to the clients to purchase. This also falls as the same for custom design. We are often looked on by industries in India and the prime distributor of rubber sheets and shot blasting equipment. With our fame for our good quality rubber and raw materials, along with our finishing product, has made us stand out in the market segment for many industries that keep coming back for more dealerships with us. Our abrasive wear resistant rubber sheets make sure that we reach international standards and levels of marking. Our rubber sheets are available in all grades, from electric to food grade. For example, we have a premium grade as M24 for shot blasting rubber lining purposes that are used in blast rooms. Sizes really do not matter because for all our customers, we also have a customized option in case the client does not require the normal standard sizes.

      Salient Features -

      Usage -

      Due to our strong infrastructure base, we also know as a prominent manufacturer and an exporter of abrasion wear resistant rubber sheets in Dharuhera. All the products we manufacture, are tested and run through a variety of inspections to receive a good quality remark, from a safety and quality check done by professionals. That is our secret to our huge client demand both in India and Overseas. Our constant servicing and production allow us to meet our clients bulk demand and the product delivery time frame is well acknowledged. Time is money and we take our clients business very seriously making all deadlines as discussed by contract. Our rubber sheets for shot blasting have a high resistance to impact, as well and a good resistance to water. Hence our rubber sheets can also be used in the food processing units and shot blasting industries as well. Maintaining our International standards has only been successful with the help of our constant thrive for updating our company, with the latest technologies and aim to make our products more refined for our customers. Crystal Group will always be there to supply our customers with the best wear resistant rubber sheets in Dharuhera. So we can clearly say that all our products are safety approved and tested before leaving the factory unit to be shipped to our esteemed reputed clients. Crystal Group is a quality oriented manufacturer.

Shot Peening

Shot Peening is a process in which compressive stress are induced into the material. These stresses are induced with the help of abrasive (mainly shots or cut wire) by bombarding the surface of the component to be shot peened with these abrasives.

What is the objective or what can be achieved by doing this process?
With Shot Peening the fatigue life of a component can be increased i.e. the life cycle of the component, which encounters fatigue, stress/loading can be increased with this process Apart from fatigue, shot peening enhances life of components, which encounters stress-cracking corrosion and is also used by designers to reduce weight and FOS of any component.

Is shot peening similar to shot blasting?
There is a vast difference between the two. Shot Peening Machine is a highly controlled process. Though the process of propelling the abrasives remains the same. The difference and control in process are related to shot size, coverage, striking angle and intensity.

What is fatigue stress or fatigue failure?
Any components (such as shaft, gears, connecting rods, propeller shaft, knuckle joints etc.) that undergo fluctuating load or stress or power etc, undergoes a stress called as fatigue stress. Fatigue stress could be a variation in load levels or complete stress-neutral-strain cycle or a stress-neutral or strain-neutral cycle. In short any components that undergo variation in stress experiences fatigue stress.

Why fatigue or fatigue failure needs to be addressed with utmost importance?
Fatigue failure is a sudden failure with minimal indication or a sign before the failure occurs. That means detection of such failure can be difficult and expensive. Mostly designers tend to design components with additional tolerance (particularly one which involves human life with higher FOB) i.e. over-design the components so that it does not fail but Fatigue is a phenomena in which components encountering fatigue load can fail well below its yield stress. Hence any components that are designed way above its loading capacity can fail if the loading is fluctuating in nature. Thus when it comes to design of an aircraft component or Automotive or any components that have direct consequence to human, developers and designers pay at most attention to material/component that encounter fatigue stress/loading.

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    • How does shot peening provide a remedy to fatigue failure?
      It’s a common understanding that all material/components consist of micro cracks (even if the components are grinded there are small micro cracks present in it), which are not visible to naked eyes, these can be visible with any micro-scope above 40X Zoom. Now when material undergoes fatigue loading these micro cracks tends to join with other micro cracks to form macro cracks which can be visible to naked eyes if analyzed with utmost care. Further during service these macro cracks fails the material without any indication in a sudden fashion. Now what Shot Peening Machine does is when we hit or bombard the material/components with abrasives, a small dent or dimple is formed on the surface of the component. These dimples forces the micro cracks present on the material to close. Thus eliminating the root cause (micro cracks) from the material/component.

      Does that mean components which undergoes shot peening process, does not fail when loaded with fatigue stress?
      No, eventually the components will fail but the cycle of failure when compared to non-shot peened material will be much higher approximately (200 – 2000%) depending on the component and application. i.e. is if a propeller shaft fails after ‘X’ cycle, by undergoing shot peening process the component life can be increased to 200 or more times the X cycle depending on the process.

Bucket Elevator

We are elevator belt suppliers and are also an exquisite manufacturer that provides all types of Bucket and elevator accessories, like elevator belt fasteners and elevator pulleys and spare parts in Dharuhera.

“Stairs are the stepping stones to success, We can get you there much faster”

Crystal Group is a quality premium elevator belt dealer for a bucket elevator and accessories in Dharuhera. The elevator belt dealer that provides you to transport goods vertically. They can be custom designed from 25thp to 1200 the capacity as per the desired request. Bucket elevators consist of head, boot and trunk sections. Which are well bolted and connected? Crystal Group also offers, assembly and maintenance and service of the bucket elevators.

We provide complete elevator belt supplier and elevator belt pulleys and parts, along with elevator belt fasteners in Dharuhera. Our customers benefit from time and resources in the maintenance of the bucket and elevator belts, as per clients requirements. We also supply elevator belt pulleys as the customer's dimension and size. We even specialize in casting and quality fabricated pulley. A bucket elevator can elevate many types of bulk materials, irrespective of light or heavy loads.

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    • A discharge from a centrifuge elevator can be inclined or vertical. Vertical elevators are dependent on an action from a centrifugal force, to push materials to be discharged from the chute. These belts need to run at high speeds on different heights.

      These bucket elevators from Crystal Group, a strong elevator belt manufacturer is highly used in the agricultural and chemical industrial estates. These carcasses like the type of rubber are dipped in synthetic fabric to bear all types of resistance. We have a wide range of elevator belt pulleys, and a whole list of belt and bucket elevator accessories, whether you are in need of speed elevators, budget elevators, and even high capacity elevators, our rubber ensures static conductivity. When it comes to an elevator belt bucket, our versatility portrays free flowing and partially free flowing particles, that can be conveyed. Combine this with Crystal Groups design and construction, these bucket elevators can be considered as the premium pick for vertical conveying. These High capacity elevators more opt for port terminals, processing plants, and even inland silos since they deliver a longer service life.

      High breed raw materials that Crystal Group collects to manufacture and supply, enforce a guarantee and reliability on our products in Dharuhera. This includes wearing resistant materials that feed the new technology and safety parameters.

      High Reliability -

      Easy maintenance -

      Added Benefits include extended life, lower cost of ownership, and less maintenance in comparison with other pulleys. These pulleys meet the safety and quality adherence on an international level.

      Common Industrial Usage -

      Using a proper elevator belt fastener will result in a much reliable equipment operation and function. This with bonus features like lesser downtime and longer duration of life service. Our belt fasteners are widely available, and offer high levels of clamping force during working operations.

      These Elevator belt fasteners are engineered and remodeled and fixed with NBR or heat resistant components. Our wide range of Elevator Pulleys and Parts ensure easy repairs and maintained on any grievances incurred by the company. This ensures maximized production and processing and low maintenance costing.

      With Crystal Group elevator belt supplier you can get a huge assortment of general belt fasteners that are manufactured with the highest quality that is stringently inspected by our professional quality personnel. Our wide range of elevator belts and bucket is used from automobile and civil engineering industries to large agricultural processing units. The Fasteners are also available with different dimensions and sizes and even have customized options as per the clients request well within an affordable purchase in Dharuhera.

      Features -

      Crystal Group will have you worry free, as all our products are reliable and user-friendly. Easy installation and one point contact for all elevator accessories and spare parts. Whatever your need, We deliver under time described conditions. We offer all the latest technology upgrades and makes sure that all mechanisms supplied by us are well inspected and given the thumbs up!

Manganese plate and parts

Your all-rounder for manganese steel guard housing, Mild Steel guard housing, Manganese plate, and parts, Crystal Group has the best high manganese perforated plate and steel casting in Dharuhera.

When you think about the fabrication and manganese steel plate, start thinking Crystal Group for you bulk requirement of manganese plate and parts.

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    • We supply plates of size -

      Besides the sizes and dimensions mentioned above, Crystal Group goes one step further with providing clients with a Customised cut and drilled option as required. Our High Manganese perforated plate is available with Indian and imported Manganese in Dharuhera. We also have an option for shot blasting machine wall tiles. Ranging from 1 feet x 1feet x 12mm.in thickness. Remember your cabinet for blasting can easily be well protected, because of our interlocking tiles that help easy installation and remain strongly protected.

      We also manufacture high manganese steel casting and rollers, which are well used in plate blasting machinery and structure blasting machines in Dharuhera. This also follows the same for Manganese Steel guard housing and Mild Steel guard housing, Manganese Steel Perforated Plates, Manganese Plate And Parts, and finally Manganese Steel Perforated Plates. Our shot blasting machine perforated plates come with 8 to 20 mm holes fitted with plate stiffeners. These holes are drilled by using special techniques and machinery tools. The sizes of these perforated plates size up between 2000 x 2000mm.

      Manganese Steel Perforated Plates, and Manganese Plate And Parts, are supplied for lining duty shot peened. These sheets are supplied with manganese plates consisting of drilled holes. Our Mild Steel guard housing and plates are strong and sturdy with the best quality of manganese. Our clients get the choice of selecting the type of manganese they want for their product. Our products are always well in the international standard mark and yet we manage to offer them at affordable prices. Not compromising on quality and value for money, is the main reason we have a long stand of happy go lucky clients.

      Features -

      Manganese Steel is widely used in the following industries. -

      Crystal Group Offers Manganese steel casting because it is harder and anti-corrosive in nature, with a higher range of wear and tear compatibility. We have a variety of Manganese casting grades to cater to our large enterprise of clients. Well known in India and now overseas as well, Crystal Group extends its outstanding performance in quality and safety.

      Qualities Include -

      Manganese steel castings can be considered a high and strong surface cleaner for abrasion. With all these characters the world is yet to discover a replacement for manganese steel. High steel manganese casting refers to a much higher grade of manganese quality. We also cover Manganese Steel guard housing and Mild Steel guard housing which houses the liners and bare wheel parts in Dharuhera. The inside distance and rigidness, are crucial for both to play the fitment of spares and excess vibrations. We manufacture an entire range of guard housing in Mild Steel and in Manganese Steel. The process includes bolting and welding type just as the client may need. Our options for guard housing comes with an easy assortment and installation with an easy removal, if ever required. From crushers to hammers and liner plates with manganese steel casting gets manufactured by Crystal Group in Dharuhera.

      We ensure all products are made with the exceptionally good grade quality of raw materials to create our final product. All products can be safely stated, as a wear and tear abrasion resistant as manganese retails its interior toughness. Our customized options also give the customer a playing chance in the field of production as per their requirement. Using the latest technology and always updating our employees to maintain experience, upgrades and high performance are added in manufacturing your demands. Crystal Group is a long term experience for quality products in Dharuhera. Our product quality and knowledge within the same field have been well recognized with many companies and industrial estates within India and Overseas.

Rubber Conveyor Belt

Your Hunt for the best rubber conveyor belt suppliers has come to a halt with Crystal Group, the best rubber conveyor belt dealers for Dharuhera, India and Overseas.

Belt conveyor systems have equipment called conveyor belts that act out as a carrying medium. Belt conveyor systems are one of the many conveyor systems. A belt conveyor usually contains two or more pulleys, with either one or both rotating and a rubber or steel belt, that rotates around and endless loop. Crystal Group is a well-known rubber conveyor belt supplier that is used for many reasons. From carrying baggage, or transporting boxes, to industrial or agricultural uses for transferring materials like grain, coal, ore, salt, sand, etc. It is also used in pharmaceutical and food processing industries to carry out production.

Crystal Group Is a strong leader in rubber conveyor belt dealers, because we have the experience. The know-how of the functions and uses of rubber conveyor belts and their components.

We are entrepreneurs in manufacturing and supplying rubber conveyor belts because, we are from the few who offer your clients a unique customized design. With our experienced staff and smart engineers, we design the best possible characteristics to make it resistant and long lasting. Our multi choice conveyor rubber belts are available in a variety of standard sizes, so the client has an opportunity to take his pick among a variety of options.

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    • Our Features when Picking Crystal Group as your Conveyor rubber belt supplier in Dharuhera-

      Crystal Group has various types of rubber conveyor belts to suit all different types of industries, from carrying loads to organizing bottles or raw materials, to processing. We cover the works and have been doing it for years. Our rubber belts are well fabricated and coated with various fabric bases as per clients request. The surface coating is a high-grade material composition, and we encourage our team to manufacture from the premium quality raw material. Naturally, our products stand apart from others. When we use higher base quality we simply increase our final product that performs exceptionally.

      Our Belt Conveyors are the most commonly used power conveyor belt systems since they are very versatile and are made to withstand long time resistance especially since the rubber conveyors are continuously looped, and get a constant exposition to various factors like heat or oil, gas, etc. Our materials naturally give our conveyor belts good efficiency, making sure that irrelevant of the size, weight or irregular shape of the object it can still be transported via the belt at ease without any interruptions or spillage of any kind.

      Certain industries require the use of shot blasting. Our rubber belts can help carry the blasting media into the chambers for cleaning and penning. Crystal Group also is the best rubber conveyor belt dealers with shot blasting requirements in Dharuhera. These are called as screw conveyors and are used for transporting abrasives from one point to another. We are rubber conveyor belt suppliers that can manufacture as per the request of the customers. Materials like Mild Steel and Manganese can be used for the screw flight.

      Advantages of Conveyors -

      You can also handle sticky or sluggish bulk products and chemicals, without any difficulty in transportation from one end to another. Even the efficiency to carry 100% of the product, rises the potential and capacity of production. One can say we make products that increase manufacturing for your requirements by ten folds. A conveyor is also very compact in its design giving you plenty of space and saves a lot of money for you. Another feature is because of all the high-grade raw materials and curing of the rubber conveyor belts, mainline is largely saved because of the long shelf life. You can consider a purchase with Crystal Group, who are rubber conveyor belt manufacturers a wise cost effective and low maintained free hassle purchase. We design our conveyor belts based on the unique requirements of the customer in Dharuhera. Since every industry may require a different assistant or operation. Our multi conveyor solutions fabricated as per the client’s request make us a number one choice for our clients.

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